St Mary Magdalene with the Church of the Risen Christ

St Mary Magdalene

There are two places of worship either side of the church yard; St Mary Magdalene is a small, attractive Norman building ((the oldest building in Coventry) on the right) and Risen Christ is a multi-purpose church and centre built in the 1960’s. Both churches are used regularly (left).
There are three distinct Sunday congregations: 8.00am, 9.20am and 5.30pm the worship tradition is central and largely Eucharistic, Non Eucharistic services are usually led by Readers.

Risen Christ A robed choir lead the 9.20am service.
The congregations are of a predominantly mature age group.
The church is well known for its highly respected Day Care Centre for elderly people. The Rev Linda Mudd is currently at the helm. The vicarage is next to Risen Christ Church.